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the lid again. ♪ >>> thousands of people marched on washington to remember the martin luther king i have a dream speech. several marked with a march and rally this many morning. the focus honoring king and calling for better and more jobs. it started at 9:00 this morning and ended on heading street. one of the participants said that hearing king speak 50 years ago sparked a lifetime of activism for her. she recalled what it was like to travel to brooklyn to washington, d.c. in 1963. >> my uncle went with me. that's the only reason i got to go to the march. what happened is we rode the buses. and it was a long ride but interesting. i was very excited. and then when we got there there were a lot of people, more people than i had ever seen anywhere at one place. >> as we mentioned more than 200,000 people witnessed the speech on the national mall. just before that speech, he made an important television appearance. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney as more. >> an important anniversary next week marking a critical moment in the civil rights movement. it has been nearly 50 years since the march
's order. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >>> many people in israel are preparing for the worst because of concerns for a western attack on syria and syria perhaps retaliating against israel. they distributed gas masks to the public today. the demand has tripled sense the reported chemical attack in syria last week. >> because of the problem in syria, it's good to get a gas mask. it's better to be safe than sorry. >> israeli defense officials also held emergency meetings this weekend as well. >>> a man from antioch is in washington. and he's scheduled to be honored by president obama. 33 year old ty carter will receive a mid alf honor for actions in afghanistan. carter's parents, wife, and three children are expected to be on hand for the honor as well. carter has served two tours in afghanistan and says he'd like to continue his service by working with others who struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder. >>> and new at 11:00, california lawmakers aim to limit revenge porn. it is for spiteful people posting ex-lovers on line. they are considering a bill that would punish such conduc
was in washington meeting with president obama and attorney general eric holder. quan, part of a group of mayors discussing several topics. mayor quan says she asked president obama for more funding for oakland police and for the fbi and atf. >>> their jobs are to save lives. the paramedics in alameda county are revealing to us a broken system. >> tony kovaleski is here with results from a six-month investigation. this is one of the biggest responses in the bay area. >> they cover a critical area. an area where shootings and stabbings regularly make headlines. firefighters are usually first on scene. but the paramedic response can mean the difference between life and death. >> i'm afraid for anyone that needs help in the 911 system. >> en route. >> they don't know the people are being dispatched off of shootings for people that are intoxicated, complaining of headaches. >> reporter: he's a veteran paramedic working in alameda county. >> code three. >> i don't see how somebody's vomiting is in more dire state straits who over someone who has been shot. >> reporter: alameda changed their dispatch
luther king jr.'s march in washington. hundreds of thousands gathered 50 years ago to protest the discreme nation and inequality. one bay area woman was there for that landmark speech and tonight reflects on the place in history. cheryl herd continues the coverage of remembering the dream. >> i have a dream. >> there was a definite buzz and excitement and expectation the promise of change. the promise of a different and new america. >> reporter: gay cobb wanted to be a participant of that new america. she was a young new yorker who set out on a bus ride to washington d.c. to hear dr. martin luther king jr. speak. >> this was the poster that we received from the march. >> reporter: now a ceo of the oakland private industry counsel, she is now looking back on that speech 50 years later. >> but to be part of that generation and to have observed the changes in america since then is just profoundly humbling. >> reporter: humbling because she can look back on her life in the '50s and '60s. she remembers she had no other choice but to ride in the back of the bus a recall the colored
is sounding off and criticizing washington. the father obtained the papers necessary to visit snowden in russia and says that's where he will remain for the foreseeable future. brian mooar has the story. >> reporter: the father of edward snowden says that the nsa leaker is not heading back to the united states. >> as a father i want my son to come home if i believe that the justice system is going to be applied correctly. >> reporter: until then, he will visit his son in russia. his temporary asylum there has chilled the u.s.-russia relation and the furor at home shows no signs of cooling off. president obama said he already had been moving the nsa toward more transparency and accountability. >> i don't think that he was a patriot. >> there is a young generation who believe he is some kind of jason borne. >> nsa supporters want a stronger defense from the president. >> he failed to explain the programs which are lawful and saved lives. >> reporter: washington wants edward snowden brought back home to face justice. >>> two of the biggest names in washington, d.c. will be in the bay are
-minute preps underway in washington, d.c., to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the march on washington and martin luther king jr.'s "i have a dream" speech. tens of thousands are expected for the commemoration. you can watch our special edition "remembering the dream," sunday at 7:30. we'll also have much more on, including a slide show with photos from the historic 1963 march. >>> now to an nbc bay area followup. chevron crews started installing air quality monitors in richmond this week. three air stations are equipped to track toxic gases coming from chevron's oil refinery. while plans are in the works for monitors and have been in place before last year's refinery disaster, the fire and cloud of toxic smoke highlighted the need for them. even before the fire, chevron had 19 air quality violations. last month the company agreed it pay $19,000 in fines. there's a separate investigation into violations caused by that fire. >>> jeff ranieri joining us talking about, what else, weekend weather. what's going on? >> yeah. we'll come through for everybody back at home with g
is legal in washington state so today at a hemp festival, they decided to participate by educating people about the new laws. each bag of dorito his a sticker with a guide of the dos and don'ts. >> we want people to take the product and use it in the privacy of their own residence and not on the street corners and no the in the park. >> they added that public use is still legal and they don't plan to arrest anyone. colorado has a similar law. >> from the 80s, they have a new owner. the auction didn't bring as much as thought. one of three red convertible ferraris went on the auction block in monterey. the car could go forasmuch as $1 million. it's not a real ferrari, but a replica. now you know. thanks if are joining us at 11:00. good night. when i'm on my feet all day, my lower back acts up. yeah, the pain can be really tough. and it's my family that suffers. then i learned that my pain started at my feet. this was me. that's when i found dr. scholl's pain relief orthotics. yep, i went pro. they reduce the impact on my lower body. p-r-o. i get pain relief from the ground up. so i feel le
is making headlines for a big porch purchase. he's buying "the washington post." he will make it a quote, uniquely good new owner. >>> we hear about the stories. surfers and kayakers bitten by sharks. >> now, a company says they have a wetsuit that confuses the sharks. it claims the designs can jumble a shark's depth perception making it hard to know what it's chasing. the designs are available in stickers for surfboards, kayaks and other sports gear. these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. >>> well, it was hardly unexpected. the baseball world was rocked by the news that 13 players would be suspended for their involvement with biogenesis. 12 players got a 50-game ban. the 13th, alex rodriguez suspended through 2014. a-rod, would fight the ban. then, he
in oregon and washington and texas and canada have been warned that james dimaggio might be headed their way. investigators say he might have switched vehicles, leaving his blue nissan versa rigged with explosives. now, the focus is on 16-year-old hannah anderson. the bodies of her mother and an 8-year-old boy likely to be identified as he brother, were found at dimaggio's burned down home on sunday. it's believed that dimaggio's infatuation with hannah might keep her alive. police have yet to confirm any sighting of the two. >>> the parents of a camp counselor crushed to death by a falling tree near yosemite are suing the camp. she died on july 3rd, when that tree fell. her father, mark rittenberg, a professor at u.c. berkeley, is behind this lawsuit. pg&e officials have not commented about the lawsuit, which seeks unsfes if ied damages. >>> no movement and $100 million apart and that's the word from b.a.r.t. and its unions today. both sides returned to the table this morning. it was the first time since governor jerry brown stepped in sunday night and averted a second strike. if they don't
, another washington power player, eric holder made a major announcement about the country's drug policy. the justice department will no longer seek mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug crimes. >> widespread incarceration, at federal, state and local levels is ineffective and unsustainable. it poses a significant economic burden. $80 billion in 2010 alone. >> the former head of the d.e.a. worries that cutting back on mandatory sentences takes away a bargaining chip. >>> tense and bitterly divided as supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi on the streets of cairo. many people supported the coup against morsi, his supporters are out in force. violent clashes held off slightly as the government proposted plans to move and drive out the protesters. concerns that could provoke a spiral of violence. >>> not the vacation they were hoping for. but a close call when the ground opened up beneath them. a 100-foot sinkhole opened up late last night in claremont, florida, collapsing much of a resort structure. witnesses say people were jumping out of windows. here it is today. thankfully
the giants a 4-3 lead. they win by that final. and avoid a sweep in washington. >>> day game matinee for athletics and astros. nate freiman is going to hit a double down the line. it's going to score lowery and josh donaldson. bottom three, fryman hits a three-run homer to left. a's win 5-0. >>> as the a's fans saw tuesday, sometimes baseball is a time of inches. historic changes are in the works. instant replay will be expanded in 2014 to include a managerial challenge on reviewable plays. managers get one challenge for the first six ins and two for the seventh inning on. bob melvin, what do you have? >> i think it's good for the game. i don't know what the variables are going to be. but i think anytime you put technology in play to where you feel like you can get it right and do it at a expedited pace, that's probably good for everybody. i think the umpires are onboard, too. >>> raiders left tackle jared veldeer sought a second opinion on his torn triceps and will undergo surgery tomorrow. out at least three months. >>> a zoo in china is a butt of a joke worldwide, all because of i
since martin luther king's march on washington, d.c. and that famous "i have a dream" speech. now three days before dr. king made that historic speech, he appeared on nbc's "meet the press." >> well, i think that we must face the fact that in reality, you cannot have economic and political equality without having some form of social equality. >> this weekend, nbc bay area will reair the interview unedited and in its entirety. you can watch our "meet the press" special edition "remembering the dream," sunday morning at 7:30. al you'll find amazing content on our website including historic video and photos from the march as well as events commemorating the anniversary on our website, >> jeff ranieri, what's going on? a bit of a cooling trend at some point in your forecast. >> definitely. as we head throughout the seven-day, we'll get a look right now what we are tracking is this area of low pressure offshore with us now for nine days. the forecast models have had a tough time forecasting this one. it's slowly starting to move off to the north. areas of thunderstorms on the
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12